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Pastor Henry Strickland



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Pastor Henry Strickland

Down Load
A Charge To Christians
A Stumbling Block
A Day With Jesus
A Door of Utterance
A Man Of God Away from Home
A Present From The Father
- A Gracious Invitation
A New Beginning; A New Birth
- A Ready Man
A Second Chance
A Spirit Of One Accord
A Virtuous Woman
Abiding In His Precepts
Abiding In His Presence
- Acceptable In Thy Sight
Are We Following God?
Are You A Seed Among Thorns?
Are You Ready?
Art Thou He That Should Come?
Battles Of Encouragement
Becoming A Man
Being A Living Sacrifice
Being Like Minded - Of One Accord
Being Prudent
Beware of a Diotrephes
Breaking Down The Walls
Building Up
Childlike Faith
Choice And Consequences
Christian Chastisement
Church Membership
Commanded To Flee
Confessing Sin
Conquer and Fortify
Dangers of Internet Chat
Do We Love The LORD Enough?
Do We Really Believe In Hell?
Doctrine Divides Experience Unites
- Elect, According to God, Through Sanctification
Escaping Reality
Examples Of Repentance
Faith For The Future
Fear of the LORD, or The Love of GOD?
First Things First
Fitly Framed Together
Fitting God In
Follow God His Way
Following God's Paths in Your Life
Foresight Of Christ
Forgiving Yourself
Friend -or- Foe?
From Blessings to Destruction
- Get The Zeal Of The Lord
Gideon's Example Of Stepping Out On Faith
Give It Your All
Go A fishing
God Uses Small Things
God's Purification
Guarding Against False Doctrines
He Is Our Peace
Hidden Miracles
Holiest Men Of The Bible

How Well Do You?

Hypocrite - A Dangerous Word
I Have Prayed For Thee
If The Salt Have Lost His Savour...
If Thou Wilt
Joy of The Lord
Keeping Our Eyes On The Light
Keeping Pure Thoughts
Keeping Purity In The Home
Knowing The Will of God
Legalism and Standards
Let Not Your Hands Be Weak
Like A Tree
Living For Today
- Lovest Thou Me?
Loving Thy Neighbor
Make A Joyful Noise Unto The LORD
Me, and My House
Meditating With God
Mind Your Own Business
O LORD, Deliver My Soul
 One Out Of Ten Says "Thank You"
Parenting - Following The Whole Counsel Of God
Practice What You Preach
Principles of Pike's Square
Provoke One Another To Love
Put God First This Year
Real Eternal Security
Relationship Of God And The Brethren
Renewed Strength
Return Unto The LORD
Revival of Holiness in our Standards
Rolling Away Stones
Seeing The Blessings Of God
Seeing Through The Right Eye
Soul-Winning Evangelism
Spiritual Christian Character
Spiritual Meat
Standards Are The Battlements
Stepping Up To the Plate
Striving Together
Study To Be Quiet
Summary Of The Christian Walk
The Basics Of Marriage
The Bond of Marriage
The Bridegroom of the Church
The Carnal Mind
- The Christian Home
The Conclusion Of The Whole Matter
- The Danger Of Being Lukewarm
The Devil - A Roaring Lion
The Disease of Sin
The Joy of God's Love
The LORD Is MY Shepherd
The Love of a Father
The Love of God
The Miracles of Christmas
The Sheepdog
The Shepherd's Story
The Significance Of God In Your Life
The Significance of Mothers
The Sincere Milk Of The Word
The Tongue
The True Vine
The Truth About Dinosaurs
Three Indispensable Qualifications
Tomb Stones
Traveling Without The Star
Treasures Worth Having
Trials And Testing
Unanswered Prayer
Unfeigned Love Of The Brethren
Walk as Children of Light
Walking in Integrity
Walking In Love
We Are Accountable To One Another
What Are You Doing With The Gifts Of God?
What Did Jesus Do?
What Do You Feel About God?
- What Is Weighing You Down?
What The Bible Says About Women Preaching
What You Do Will Last A Lifetime
Whatsoever A Man Soweth
Where Is The Spirit?
Where is Your Faith?
Why Do We?


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