Father's Day '06

"Children's Children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers."

Proverbs 17:6


On Father's Day 2006, we held a "Most Unusual Tie" contest, and there were definitely some very unique ties!  Additionally, some of the young men in the church challenged the dads to some paintball fun on the Saturday before Father's Day.  We captured some of the fun and most of the ties in the pictures below:


Brother Alan Buchhorn and his Iced-Tea drinking Armadillo tie!

Daniel Strickland and his Monkey Theme.

An Ace Bandage, a piece of a T.E.D.S. hose, Band-Aids, gauze, tape, screws, and a pill bottle made up Brother Darrell Hamelund's tie.

Brother Gary Hammonds and one of his more "colorful" ties.

Pastor Strickland is "Gone Fishing" -- fishing for men (Matthew 4:19).

John Metcalf Jr. and his tie of Turkey Calls....a tad unusual.

Missionary John Metcalf went for the fishing theme as well, but being from the Northeast (Massachusetts), his fishing equipment are for the "bigger catch"!

Brother Scott Hallman's tie - simple, yet it says a lot...considering he and Mrs. Hallman have seven children!

William Strickland and his small tribute to our men & women in the military - Amen!

Although the dads were severely outnumbered by the boys for our paintball battle, we still had a great time.

The Lord blessed us with a very beautiful day.

On the prowl....

Nathan Hamelund and William Strickland proved to be a very dangerous team when paired up.

Seth Hallman found a good position in a bush.

Brother Scott Hallman quickly returns fire after being hit in the arm.

I believe Joshua Hamelund just might have been hit!

Nathan and William searching for their "enemies".

Nathan Hamelund directing his "troops" to move out through the brush.

All "soldiers" are entitled to a little lunch break! Our field kitchen staff included (L-R): Brother Scott Hallman, Missionary John Metcalf, and Pastor Henry Strickland.

Brother John Metcalf Jr. enjoys the break from battle, and the beautiful weather the Lord provided.

Nice hair-do Seth! Sometimes when you get hit on the facemask the paint splatters into your hair!

John Metcalf Jr. opens fire on his opponents.

William the Sniper!

Pastor Strickland ready to engage.

Missionary John Metcalf on the offensive.


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