"Don't Say No To The LORD" ~ Preached on April 22nd, 2007 at Charity Baptist Church

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Dear Pastor Strickland,
On my way back to the DFW metroplex from your church, I soaked up all that I observed. I mentioned this, but before I even met you in person I knew there was something different about you. Already tonight I have prayed that God would keep you and the church's spirit as it is now. What can I say preacher...we need more churches like Charity Baptist Church. The people were so kind, and loving. The teens were very respectful. Thank you so much for the blessing I received. Preacher, thank you for being so kind, and treating me like someone special. Please, please, please, please, please...keep your compassion for all! We all need to keep a balance in our Christian lives.
Missionary Jose Guzman


Bro. Guzman's Testimony:





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